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College Logo Tailgating

College Logo Tailgating items from Picnic Time are the PERFECT gift for any college allumni, university student, or college bound senior for any occasion! Treat yourself and proudly show your colors while tailgating, picnicing or camping! Lots of picnic hampers, totes, wine carriers, cutting boards and even picnic tables and chairs. Select the college of your choice to see everything availalbe for your school. Not all items are available for all schools. ORDER TODAY and start planning your tailgate event!


Alabama, University of                          Michigan State

Appalachian State                                  Michigan, University of

Arizona State                                          Minnesota, University of

Arizona, University of                            Mississippi State

Arkansas at Fayetteville                        Mississippi, University of

Auburn University                                   Missouri, University of

Berkeley                                                  Nebraska, University of

Boise State                                              North Carolina State

Boston College                                        North Carolina, Universoty of

Bowling Green State                               Northeastern University

BYU                                                          Northwestern University

Clemson University                                 Ohio State

Colorado College                                     Oklahoma State

Colorado State                                        Oklahoma, University of

Colorado, University of                           Oregon State

Connecticut University                            Oregon, University of

Cornell University                                    Pennsylvania State

Duke University                                        Pittsburg, University

Florida State                                             Purdue University

Florida, University of                                South Carolina, University of

Georgia Tech                                             Stanford University

Georgia, University                                   Syracuse University

Hawaii University                                     Tennessee, University

Illinios, University of                                Texas A&M

Iowa State                                                 Texas Tech

Iowa, University of                                   Texas, University of

James Madison University                        UCLA

Kansas State                                             UNLV

Kansas, University of                                Vanderbilt Univeristy

Kentucky, University of                            Virginia Tech

Louisiana State University                       Virginia, University of

Louisiana University Lafayette                Wake Forest

Louisville, University of                            Washington State

Maine, University of                                  Washington, University of 

Maryland, University of                             West Virginia

Miami University (Ohio)                           Wisconsin, University of

Miami, University of                                  Wyoming, Univeristy of


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